Ahad, 11 Januari 2009

youthsays...let's go malaysian..kasi gegarrrrr

lets join youthsay-bigest group discusion on malaysia

let go to youth say comunity


Dont be stupid like zionis a.k.a jews...because zionis is a worst organization in the world

let go to youth say comunity

kedah outbreak

brown hopper have been attacking our jelapang padi,200 hec paddy field at yan district affected ,last week our team observe the paddy field at jitra,were some being attacked by brown hopper.we need to take fast action to deal with this problem.as an agriculture officer i am sad with this outbreak...it's out-of expectation.private sector,goverment and farmers,let's together solve the problem for our paddy industry....said it'agriculture is number one ' without it how to feed people.

brown hopper information